About Me

Hello, my dears! My name is Alexei Nikolaev and I am the author of the photos contained herein. I live in Moscow, Russia.

It's me

It's me

I took some time to decide what is worth mentioning about myself and what is not, and could not figure out exactly. What is this site for? First of all to communicate with people. I have some photos which I'd like to make accessible to everybody. And my biographical information has nothing to do with them or might even hamper some visitors from taking my photos as they are. So my general biography is unimportant and is therefore skipped.

I lived a non-remarkable life before I went in for photography. Once, quite unexpectedly, our family friend Kolya invited me for a trip to the Seliger lake. I wasn't really excited about it but I joined him. That was cool! We had two twin-hull ships to sail all over the lake, with masts ca. 7m height. Next year we went there again, and there I got to know two remarkable persons - Svetlana and her daughter Julia, both artists. Another one was Vitulia, who deserves a separate description. Julia was a marvelous girl of 16, wonderful in all aspects. She had extremely beautiful lively eyes, fantastic long dark hair, and she was sort of enchanting - so hard to explain.

These people had an understanding of life which occurred quite new to me and influenced my views as well. After I returned to Moscow they invited me to an exhibition which I started visiting pretty often. Once a week interesting people came together there, and it was in that gallery that I got to know Sasha and Boris - two artists I still communicate and involved in joint projects with.

Since I was a child I dreamed about painting but never really tried to, so photography was the right thing for me. Photography is a kind of a bridge between painting and techniques. Soon I've received a camera as a birthday present and started taking photos. Very soon I understood that the camera I had was not sufficient, and I started improving my tools. With time I found a lot of friends also interested in photography. Many of them proved to be very helpful.

Often people enjoy writing about their likes and dislikes. Let me only mention my likes. I like Russian and soviet rock music. I also like instrumental music. I like almost all kinds of graphic arts. I like natural and harmonious girls. I appreciate sincerity and openness. I love mountains. This list can be very long…

My favorite photographers are Ansel Adams, Helmut Newton, Rimantas Dichavitshus. I love the albums "Black Ladies" by Uwe Ommer, "Partaiking" by Jury Araktsheev and "Blossoms Among Blossoms" by Rimantas Dichavitshus.

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