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As usual the most interesting things stays beyond the frame. Namely intercourse and shooting process. I could talk a lot of amusing stories relative to this. At this case me and a model were not intended to make a photo session, we went for a walk together. I "absolutely accidentally" took necessary equipment. My model brought some lingerie to show me, because I was thinking about our next shooting. And therein I discovered this bridge. It was beautiful and was in a way symmetrical. Quite the cheese. I asked her : "Let's shoot?" She agreed. It is necessary to refer that all this things took place on the territory of Moscow, near was something like motor depot, within easy distance trains were running and sometimes passers-by went from the platform. I measured light, settled the camera on the tripod and focused. Throwed my shirt upon my model and she dressed like you can see. Because she had not shoes than, then she was ready I took her on my arms and carried her on the middle of the bridge (at the presented look). Motor depot bated their breath. I quickly shoot some frames, grasped model and returned her back. Motor depot raised a sigh.

Hasselblad 500CM, Zeiss Sonnar T* 150/4 at f4, Delta 100+XTOL 1:1

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