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Far away there is the highest mountain of Altai - Belukha. Its height is 4506 meters. It looks simply stunning.
For a long time we went through the taiga along the river Akkem. Our path dodged all the time, up and down. There was a lot of water around, every hour we crossed a little river. And finally we walked out from taiga to the rocks and stopped. Far away Belukha welcomed us. Its glaciers were covered with snow and the shrill white peak sparkled intolerable under the sun rays. The breathing of the cold blowed from glaciers and some time later rain began. Warm and mild air came from Kazakhstan; Belukha stopped these streams, created clouds from them and scattered them around. We walked under the cold rain as long as we could, and then, all wet, we began setting tents on a more or less flat patch. Akkem roared, passing by muddy streams of water mixed with a chalk.
The morning was quet. We settled to stay. The rain poured regularly, it began at 4 p.m. and stopped at night.
Next morning I got out from the tent and was astonished by the beauty of the surrounding nature again. The sun was shining. I grabbed the camera, tripod, and climbed to the moraine. I forgot to have a breakfast and even wash... After shooting some frames I understood, that I want to climb higher, to the top of the mountain ridge, to the burnt forest and to see the surroundings. Breakfast at the bottom allured me, but I decided to climb up. I ended up climbing to the top of the mountain ridge, without any path, to the mountains directly . Without food and water (but I ate some berries and 3 and quarter hours after I began climbing I found the first spring). The climbing took 4.5 hours. Alongside, on this height on the near peak layed snow... The descent took two hours and was not so easy as I thought at first. Fifteen minutes later after I came down from the moraine to the camp it started raining...

Hasselblad 500CM, Zeiss Planar T* 80/2.8, TMX + XTOL 1:1

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