I would like to describe how I got to the Altai in more detail. This story began some years ago, when painters Sasha and Boris showed their slide films in the gallery (see "about the author"). There I heard a lot of conversations about Altai, about the magnificence of this uncommon place... One of the visitors in the gallery told interesting things about his adventures, for example, how he played on a reed pipe to a snow leopard. Also I saw stunning sides, photographed from a glacier. Another man camped out on a glacier with real risk to his life to photograph the dawn.

Svetlana told me a story (I do not want to retell it here) about the Altai, and after that I understood that it is place I must visit.

Later I read somewhere, that Altai had been selected by God to be the final shelter for mankind on Earth.

So I decided to visit this place, but not all things happen as soon as we want them to. I guess this delay was to the better - at that time I really was not ready to visit Atai. Some time had to pass.

One year later I asked Boris to take me to the Altai next summer (Boris was there many times). Gradually he agreed. I must say, that shortly before Altai I took part in a mountain trip to the Crimea, and it was a great challenge for me in many aspects. After that trip I was ready to go to the Altai both morally and physically. Don't know how I would have survived there without the skills I had got on the Crimea .


Unforgettable was the view of the first overnight stop on the sacred Altai river named the Katun. We were extremely tired that day - going by train and then many hours by car at high speed. And finally the night came, and we debused on the road. It was dark and the moon was shining. In silence we began our trip. We crossed the bridge over the Katun. Waters of this river seemed something enchanting unnatural. In the moonlight they obtained exceptional plasticity and smoothness, it seemed that the whole world was sleeping and the Time itself stopped. There was nothing except silence (it is absolutely impossible for me to explain such things in a foreign language...). We settled tents on the other shore of the river in the darkness. The moon illuminated the rocks around. I took a stroll and drank that silence, staying on the bridge over the waters of the magic river...

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